Key Stage 3

Personal learning and Thinking skills

The curriculum is changing at KS3 with an even greater emphasis on students being introduced to the skills they need to develop as lifelong learners. With the introduction of Personal Learning and Thinking skills within subjects in year 7, students are developing skills of participation, analysis and negotiation and becoming more active as learners. Soon a new set of homework projects will be focused on developing and practicing these valuable learning tools.

Literacy focus on year 7.

There are huge adjustments to be made by year 7 students when they arrive at Secondary School and valuable time is lost within subjects getting them acclimatised to new ways of learning. Next academic year there will be a major focus on helping year 7 students make the transition from KS2 to KS3 through adapting the way that we teach at Kemnal. Through negotiation with local Primary schools we will ensure that we maximise student learning by using language and techniques that they are used to.  Ashleigh Steane is also planning whole staff training to ensure that literacy skills are developed in year 7 from the word go.