Key Stage 3

KS3 Art 

Year 7

Niki De St Phalle - A Sculpture/Painting and Mixed media project exploring the work of the artist.

Basic Skills - An introduction to drawing ,colour theory and painting involving painting colour wheels, mixing and blending paint, drawing objects in proportion and recording tone.

Portraiture - This project introduces basic portraiture drawing and painting from first hand observation. Students are introduced to relevant artist exploring this art form and will be involved in using their colour theoretical knowledge and drawing skills to produce an A3 portrait incorporating experimenting with facial proportions and features.

Surrealism- Project exploring the surrealist movement –This is a project which entails mixed media collage/photomontage – basic ICT (Adobe Photoshop) whereby students produce an A3 size painted final outcome.

Alien Project-Students will a 3D relief sculpture of an Alien inspired by their own imaginations and artist which explore this theme. This project involves Paper Mache and wire construction and recycled materials .Resources and inspiration for this project will derive from the science fiction genre and the media.

Year 8

Cubism – This project involves 2D mixed media collage (A3 size) and 3D Card construction exploring the Cubist art movement. Students will be making artworks in response to George Braque/David Hockney’s experiments and will be experimenting with deconstructing images, blending colour using oil pastels, paint and chalk. ICT- Hockneyizer web program.

Zombie Film Poster- This is a project involving Graphic design and layout, digital photography and imaging and painting. Students will design and make their own Mixed media horror film poster using their own and iCT based resources.

Insect Project- Students will design and construct an insect using card and wire construction techniques. Researching artist such as Louise Bourgeois, Tessa Farmer and Antonio Gaudi will form the basis of the contextual component of this unit. Web resource:  and

The Mask- A 3D project where students will be required to design and  construct a mask drawing inspiration from North American and Mexican Culture.

Year 9

Collograph printing- A project involving making a printing plate based on the surroundings of our local environment. Printing plates will be constructed from recycled materials.

Fantasy Art-Painting project Where students produce an A3 painting inspired by the work of fantasy artist and their own experiments /some of which involving digital photography and imaging. The project involves drawing and design and a variety of painting techniques.

Evil Clown- 2D Relief painting project –this project comprises of two stages- 2D drawing and reworking with Oil pastels and then producing a relief Mask incorporating skills required at GCSE. The work of current artist exploring the theme of identity will be studied.

Stained Glass-Mixed media assemblage and collage project exploring the work of contemporary artists. Students will be making a 2D A3 size stained glass window using coloured paper and sandwiched in acetate.

Psycho Buildings- An architecture project involving 3D Construction and design based on the Haywood Gallery exhibition, ’Psycho Buildings’. Students will research relevant  artists And design and construct their own fantasy/psycho building. Collage and digital photography Are used in order to generate design possibilities.

Pop Art - This is a 3D project based on the work of the sculptor -Claeus Oldenberg. Students are require to present their research based opn visual artists of this moovement and make a personal response to the mentioned arts scuptures. The final sculptures are restricted to size no larger than an A4 photocopy box and are embellished and decorated in pop art style designs chosen specifically by the students.